Oh the joy of holding your tiny little baby for the first time! They grow up fast and you do not want to miss the opportunity to capture portraits of your newborn so you can cherish this moment forever. I recommend photographing newborns when they are between 3 and 12 days old - the sooner, the better - for those sleepy, cuddly shots.

Newborn Session Tips & Advice - 

Keep your baby awake for a 2-3 hours prior to the session if possible so they are extra sleepy and poseable. Make sure they are fed and changed upon arriving, and be sure to bring extra bottles and diapers, as you will be here for a while. Sessions usually last about 3 hours but could take longer. Relax, I know that babies don’t always cooperate. Don’t stress. There are no time restrictions and I will work until I get the best photos of your little one. Babies cry and it’s okay! Dress in comfortable layers - the studio is kept extremely warm to soothe the baby, but it is usually uncomfortably warm for adults. If planning on sibling shots, please arrange for someone to take the sibling(s) home after their photos. Other children are rarely calm enough to stay throughout the newborn session without getting bored.

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